THE ISSUE:  In 1926, New York City regulated bars and clubs by requiring a license for dancing.  Currently there are only 104 "cabaret licenses" throughout the five borroughs.  This outdated requirement unnecessarily affects small businesses and their patrons who want to dance.



Now that the Cabaret Law is set to fully be repealed on October 30, 2017, members of LegalizeDance.Org want the word "dance" removed from oning codes of NYC law. We maintain that nightlife (and daylife) or "Entertainment establishments" should be regulated by venue capacity not due to people dancing.

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STATUS:  ​In 2006, the City was sued by 5 groups of dancers who argued that they should have the right to dance.  Judge Stalman ruled that social dance was not considered expressive activity and therefore not protected from the Constitution's 1st Ammendment.  An appeal was lost.  Dance Parade New York was founded in protest and brings 10,000 dancers to Broadway each May.  On November 27, 2017, Mayor Bill de Blasio singed NYC Council Member Espinal's bill into law that repealed the administrative code of the Cabaret Law, leaving provisions to monitor large nightlife establishments with cameras along with the vetting of security guards.  Though venues will no longer be subject to fines, the city's zoning text must still change to allow recreational dancing in non-industrial (Use Group 12) spaces.  Seperately the Office of Nightlife was established in 2017 and Ariel Palitz, "The NIghtlife Mayor" has been appointed and works in the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment. Ms Palitz is currently conducting Town Hall meetings in all five boroughs of New York.


ORGANIZE!  A huge victory has been won to repeal the Cabaret Law but the fight is not over.  Technically due to the Zoning Code, dance can only happen in "Use Group 12."  The City Council still needs to change 7 words in the zoning text to allow dance in the City Planning's "Use Groups". Our plan is to gather 10,000 signatures, and lobby City Council and Mayor de Blasio to change continue to thwart this archaic law.